This post is for the Protestants I have been where you are... seeking... wanting to know more... yet filled with fear. You have been conditioned for years to believe certain things are true. And for protestants these things ARE true but for Christianity they are not true. Lent is just right around the corner. March 7th to be exact. Be … Continue reading This post is for the Protestants

I am practically in tears over how little people actually know about Christianity.

The Annunciation where the angel Gabriel tells Mary she will be the mother of God (IF she wants to!). I was speaking with someone on Face Book. She said something that completely stopped me in my tracks. She said she was uncomfortable with Mary because she was forced to become pregnant and give birth to … Continue reading I am practically in tears over how little people actually know about Christianity.

Two videos for you

I think you will like these. the first video is of the temple of Solomon. This is the temple where, Zachariah, Elizabeth's husband, served. It is also the temple where, Mary lived growing up. The place where she was fed by angels. The place where she was working wool to make the temple veil (that … Continue reading Two videos for you

Nativity Fasting Calendar

Thank you Lord for all of the fish days! Here is a LINK to the fasting days for November and December 2020. Basically it's just the Nativity Fast that is left. Remember, we do not just fast from food but from words and deeds as well. We are trying to prepare ourselves for the coming … Continue reading Nativity Fasting Calendar

Quotes about The Theotokos Pt.1

I am reading a book about the Virgin Mary; The Marian Option: God's Solution to a Civilization in Crisis. Are you aware of the crisis mainly America is facing but also anywhere in the world where feminism has sunken its poisoned fangs into the culture? The following is an excerpt from the book, The Marian … Continue reading Quotes about The Theotokos Pt.1