The doppelganger

Have you ever walked into a business, or spoken to a person and you realize you just walked into your dream or the perosn you are speaking with is living your dream? It can be so hard to quell those thoughts of doubt or 'not good enough' that keep us from living our dreams. I … Continue reading The doppelganger

Throw back Thursday tea edition I have been a 'Tea Lady' for decades. I have worked in tea rooms and tea shops. I have mad tea chops! I made this video 11 years ago which seems like a life time ago. This video was made; before my husband's illness changed our lives, before the prospect of sudden death became … Continue reading Throw back Thursday tea edition

January is National Hot Tea Month

Emilie Barns' book: If Teacups Could Talk; Sharing a Cup of Kindness with Treasured Friends. Behind Emilie's book is one I also love that she did not write. It is filled with recipes and crafts for Christmas. To celebrate, national Hot Tea Month, I am featuring this book by Tea Exemplar, Emilie Barns who sadly … Continue reading January is National Hot Tea Month