Older can be better

Donald Trump will be 70 years and seven months old when he is sworn into office on January 20th. He breaks the previous record held by Ronald Reagan who was 69 years old when he was sworn into office in 1981. I’m glad to see an older man holding the highest leadership position in America. Both my husband and I have faced age related discrimination in the job market. I blame Kennedy. Although one can be as young as 35 (the minimum age) and still qualify for the office of the president, John F. Kennedy is the youngest president sworn in at the age of 43. Our culture worships youth. Why? With age comes experience which, hopefully, begets wisdom.

This is a chart depicting the ages of presidents upon being sworn into office.

Those who control what we watch on television try desperately to control our thoughts on age. Recently, on a Family Feud episode, on the fast money round questions was; ‘What age is too old to be president?’ Seventy was the answer given and I believe it was the number one answer as well. How convenient that this particular question was asked at this particular time. More likely it was engineered to get people to question the viability of an older man such as, Donald Trump to run our country.

Some people, claim that, Trump is a dangerous hot head. I see a man who has displayed admirable calm in the face of egregious attacks against himself and his family. He is, after all, a man who as faced many such attacks over the years. He is used to being around crazies. He has been targeted just for being white, and successful. Hmmmm, what does that sound like? Racism & bigotry and it comes from the supposed ‘tolerant left’. Well, we all know they are only tolerant to those who hold their same views. Otherwise, they hold a collective, schoolyard bully mentality.

I, for one, look forward to having the stability of age and wisdom in the highest office in the land. I believe, President-elect Trump and his family will all show us what it truly means to be a great nation, and how ALL Americans can once again be proud of America.

God bless, president Trump, his family and those sworn to protect them all.