What will you read in 2021?

It amazes me to be typing: 2021. It's so 'space-agey- and yet... where is my flying car, Elon Musk? Photo by @eddrobertson on Unsplash Have you drawn up your 2021 reading list? I had wanted to do a book journal this year, but I am finding that many planners are sold out. People are excited … Continue reading What will you read in 2021?

On my reading shelf: possible gift ideas for readers.

Photo by @sincerelymedia on Unsplash How many of you expected to be so busy without leaving your homes? Such is the life of any stay-at-home-wife/mother. Even without going anywhere but the store, we tend to have full day timers/planners. Falling into bed at the end of the day with something great to read is such … Continue reading On my reading shelf: possible gift ideas for readers.

Abba Ammonas

Sayings by Abba Ammonas St Ammonas’ life is especially interesting and inspirational for us because of his victory over anger, a passion with which he struggled for many years. Abba Ammonas was a disciple of St. Anthony the Great and later became a bishop. He was also an outstanding expert on the Scriptures and left this … Continue reading Abba Ammonas