Getting back to church and a la cart topics

Next week is Passion Week. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. There will be a liturgy every morning next week plus all of the services for Pascha. I have been gone from church so much that people had begun to ask my sister if I had moved! It is a delicate balance trying to attend when there … Continue reading Getting back to church and a la cart topics

Bagging on prots… again

To be clear, when I say I am 'bagging' on someone it is THIS: bag on someone in. to criticize someone. Stop bagging on me! I'm tired of all your complaining. 2. n. to tease someone. The other day on twitter, someone pointed out that I tend to trash talk Protestants... alot. And they are … Continue reading Bagging on prots… again

Thirty Steps to Heaven

When I began looking into Orthodoxy, I realized quickly that I would need to adjust my thinking. It seems as if almost everything I had learned growing up attending Protestant churches was askew. I am not going to go into all of the details but basically for at least the first year of catecumen classes … Continue reading Thirty Steps to Heaven