The doppelganger

Have you ever walked into a business, or spoken to a person and you realize you just walked into your dream or the perosn you are speaking with is living your dream? It can be so hard to quell those thoughts of doubt or 'not good enough' that keep us from living our dreams. I … Continue reading The doppelganger

Are you ready for the Carnivore challenge?!

Most people use January as their month to begin their renewals. a renewed mind by committing to reading more. A renewed spirituality by going to church more or reading their bible more. Some... a renewed body by committing to changing their way of eating via embarking on a low-carb diet. What if you made the … Continue reading Are you ready for the Carnivore challenge?!

Carnivore Meat Up!

My breakfast, pork tenderloin. Last night, I, and five other amazing, strong women gathered at a local fast-food Mexican restaurant to meet each other and give one another support in walking a healthier life path. It was amazing. I had a great time meeting these beautiful, strong women doing what they need to do to … Continue reading Carnivore Meat Up!

When healing comes from outside the accepted box of ‘wisdom’

con·ven·tion·al wis·dom Learn to pronounce nounnoun: conventional wisdom; plural noun: conventional wisdoms a generally accepted theory or belief. Beef, salt, water (often in the form of coffee). Everyday... all day. That was her diet for 3 months. Not 100% but enough to do what she was told avoiding beef and eating chicken would do but … Continue reading When healing comes from outside the accepted box of ‘wisdom’

Carnivore diet and art-ing/Nature Journal

Rough sketch of flower by Melissa Bishop all rights reserved Years ago, I got into art. I painted a still life, I TRIED to paint like Bob Ross which is surprisingly difficult and messy. Who has room like that to create such a mess AND who has the bank to buy a gazillion brushes to … Continue reading Carnivore diet and art-ing/Nature Journal

Here’s to the healers

Photo credit: Katherine Hanlon@tinymountain Here's to the healers who, like the myrrh bearing women of the bible, risk so much, and give so much of themselves for the benefit of others. Here's to the healers who study endlessly. Who learn the healing properties of plants. Who see the detriment of excessive use of modern pharmaceuticals … Continue reading Here’s to the healers

Thirteen Years Ago

Thirteen years ago, I discovered the Paleo diet. I wish I had stayed with it. I'm going back to it. These days, too many people are using the words, 'Paleo Diet' in their writings and recipes and neither what they write nor what they cook have anything to do with eating the paleo way. For … Continue reading Thirteen Years Ago