Do you believe the lies of woke feminism? I see this in the women who fight to be priests and complain when the vestments do not fit them because they were made for men. Well... yeah. I do not cater to the notion that breaking into male controlled institutions is necessary progress. I do believe that a woman can, and shoudl create … Continue reading Do you believe the lies of woke feminism?

Scripture and saints

Scripture Readings Thursday, May 13, 2021 Acts 4:23-31John 5:24-30 Today’s commemorated feasts and saints Virgin Martyr Glyceria at Heraclea, and with her, Martyr Laodicius, Keeper of the Prison (ca. 177). Righteous Virgin Glykéria of Novgorod (1522). Translation of the Relics of Ven. Makáry, Archimandrite of Obruch (or Kanev—1678). Martyr Alexander of Rome (284-305). St. Pausicacus, … Continue reading Scripture and saints