Should you create your own Materia Medica?

YES! What is a Materia medica? A Materia Medica is a book you put together of herbal remedy information. In the past, a Materia Medica was hand illustrated and often filled with illuminated letters (fancy calligraphy). They were often a laborious piece of work the laboring of which extended over the adult life of their … Continue reading Should you create your own Materia Medica?

I love; thyme, thyme, thyme

Only this single green stem of leaves remains in the sea of dead twigs surrounding it. This little twig is a remnant of the lovely, larger plant I cut up to use to make a healing salve. The other day at the grocery store, I purchased three plants; thyme, rosemary, and a rose bush. The … Continue reading I love; thyme, thyme, thyme