Ramen in an Instant Pot

I have two appliances in my kitchen that have changed my life. One is my air-fryer, the other is my Instant Pot. I watched a video a few weeks ago of a woman cooking ramen in a tiny Instant Pot. She was advertising a mini Instant Pot designed for use at your desk or when … Continue reading Ramen in an Instant Pot

Mindful vs. mindless eating

Chip after chip adds size to your hips. Mindless eating is: Using food as comfort. There are entire cookbook and t.v. cooking shows dedicated to making 'comfort food'. Eating mindlessly; in front of the t.v., while working, while out with friends, at social gatherings. Not paying attention to WHAT you are eating. Going for fast … Continue reading Mindful vs. mindless eating

Orthorexia and homemaking

I had no idea there was a name for what I had been going through for most of my life until I read this POST by my friend, Sally. I will not bore you with the details, especially since talking about such things can be triggers for those persons struggling with the same, or similar … Continue reading Orthorexia and homemaking