Remember working out in the ’80’s & ’90’s?

I do! I don't know if there are still any around, but I remember when the only gym in town was, Bally Total Fitness. Corey Everson was the reigning queen of fitness and the workout magazine were much better than they are now. Working out in those days was all about being seen in the … Continue reading Remember working out in the ’80’s & ’90’s?

Summer is coming!

DISCLAIMER: While I am NOT a proponent of Sharia Law in America, I AM a supporter of women being allowed to dress as modest as they like. No one, especially no man, should tell any woman how much, or how little fabric they are allowed to wear (Within reason. Let's not whore it up in … Continue reading Summer is coming!

Haters keep hating despite lack of affect

Melania Trump is the most beautiful First Lady we have had in years. An elegant, well dressed woman with excellent manners and decorum. Whether or not she is in the White House, Melania IS a lady. There are, unfortunately, immature persons who do not like the fact that Donald Trump is our new president. These … Continue reading Haters keep hating despite lack of affect