Carnivore 75 hard begins today

I realize it is VERY short notice. I just learned about it myself. For those interested be careful. There are those of you who might dump too fast and too hard which can cause complications and even death. Yes, I said death. Your body is so full of toxins from plants that a sudden dump … Continue reading Carnivore 75 hard begins today

Carnivore Meat Up!

My breakfast, pork tenderloin. Last night, I, and five other amazing, strong women gathered at a local fast-food Mexican restaurant to meet each other and give one another support in walking a healthier life path. It was amazing. I had a great time meeting these beautiful, strong women doing what they need to do to … Continue reading Carnivore Meat Up!

Carnivore diet and art-ing/Nature Journal

Rough sketch of flower by Melissa Bishop all rights reserved Years ago, I got into art. I painted a still life, I TRIED to paint like Bob Ross which is surprisingly difficult and messy. Who has room like that to create such a mess AND who has the bank to buy a gazillion brushes to … Continue reading Carnivore diet and art-ing/Nature Journal

Something new and a bit scary

I feel such a strong affinity toward the Myrrh Bearing Women. They knew about herbs, and essential oils. They went, in the dark, to Jesus' tomb to properly prepare His body for burial (that is how we know the tomb was empty). These women were incredibly brave. Their beloved leader had just been brutally murdered … Continue reading Something new and a bit scary