Why, ‘flyover’ states matter

Aw, ‘lamestream’ media is pouting because, Trump won the election. They can’t understand how we pesky salt-of-the-earth types managed to find our way to the polls and vote- what with us all being so ‘ignant’ and under educated and stuff.

There is, however, something mainstream media is too in love with itself to understand but that, Donald Trump is down-to-earth enough to figure out, middle America is not just a bunch of states you fly over to get to some great party on the other coast. Middle America is where your food and fuel come from and if you don’t respect the people who really keep this nation going, we are not going to vote for your elitist, ignorant self. Here is what the media, and other elitist do not understand. Also, before we get going too much here, let me just make sure SNL understands that their skits do not influence my vote either. I read. I pray. I vote. I’m not ‘trendy’ nor do I care what you think about my voting choices. I do not make important life choices based on how popular I think or hope they will make me. That is also why the ‘flyover’ states are what they are…  they are far from the superficial influences of either coast and not even popular t.v., SNL, or CNN can change that.

Just because I voted for Trump does not mean I’m sexist, racist or stupid. If Sarah Palin had been running for president, I would have voted for her. And mainstream media would have called me stupid. If Allen West had been running I would have voted for him, even after the Obama debacle. And mainstream media would have called me stupid just as it is calling the ‘flyover states’ stupid for voting for, Trump. The mainstream media are trying to push the globalist agenda.  Globalism is not the answer America needs now, or ever. We were alone at the beginning, mocked by European nations and accused of being backwards & out of touch then, and now. That’s ok. I do not need the approval of nations people escape from to move here in order to feel good about myself. As a side note; Europe isn’t working that great right now anyway for its people. Allowing the world to pressure them into taking in violent and deadly refugees has put everyone in their nations at terrible risk. Women are being gang raped, health workers are being threatened and diseases are being brought into those nations that the western world has not seen in decades.  Look at Greece, and Venezuela to see what happens when we forget that it is capitalism and no other economic ideal that keeps a nation standing on its feet. Trump is great at capitalism. Trump is great at putting America first ahead of other countries. It’s like being on a flight and being told to put your oxygen mask on before helping those around you. You cannot help others if you are on the brink of death. Each nation must take care of itself before looking over the fence into their neighbor’s yard. Each nation must do what works for them, not what the world tries to peer pressure them into doing. I’m fed up with being pressured into globalism. Isn’t that what America is about anyway? Doing our own thing and being the example to the world? We used to be world leaders but past presidents and policy makers have tried to make us followers. They have tried to weaken us through adopting foreign policies that do not fit with our national ideal. Is that why people of other nations are horrified by our choice in Trump? Did they expect us to tow the party line and pick globalism over freedom? We saw hints of, Hillary’s dangerous globalist views in her book, ‘It Takes a Village (to raise a child)’. No, Hillary. It takes one male daddy, and one female mommy to raise a child and not the state. America was not built on globalism and, I believe, cannot survive in that kind of environment. We cannot have immigrants coming into our country that want to us to allow their archaic laws that drag America backwards 100+ years to take president over our laws that our people have fought for, and many have died, to preserve. When they come, they must adhere to our laws, or they must leave. They must become American.  Even for Americans born here, we must eliminate the division causing hyphen. You are either fully American and with us in helping America to recover from decades of hate filled and hate fuel division, or you’re against us. It’s really quite simple.

Independent thinking is what made our country. Jumping on the band wagon has brought us to the brink of ruin. We have seen the Lord’s mercy over us in that Trump won the election. Let’s not squander it with in fighting for the next 8 years (I believe Trump will win again in the election four years from now.). America, let’s pull together s never before and make our nation great once again. Not with hand outs, but with a hand up. Not with division but with unity. With kindness, compassion and mercy shown toward one another. Many of the people who voted for Trump are the same people put out of work when their industries were shut down in favor of the environment ideals. You cannot feed your children with self righteous idealism. Trump knows this. He knows what people need.

We also need to heal. There is too much division and anger in America. We need to put prayer back into schools and teach children and adults that we are NOT animals. We are people with souls, and spirits and we have eternity waiting for us. Stop fighting like animals and show mercy and compassion to one another. Stop making derogatory comments about people who do not think the way you do. Stop using social media to be anti-social. Trump is a man who grew up with, and openly believes in the American ideal. It is this ideal that made America great at one time and it is this ideal that can make us great again. It’s been far too long since America was great. If you are being honest with yourself you can see the cracks, and great big schisms.

One of the things that can help you to better understand America is to read a book or dozen on American history. Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Why not read about the pilgrims but also read about how the modern holiday really came about. It was not about over eating and then lying around in a food coma for the rest of the day before engaging in some flag football. Let’s all try to get on the same page here by reciting this promise to ourselves and then letting other people know that there is something they can do to contribute to helping our new president Make America Great Again: ‘America is a wonderful country to live in, but it’s been awhile since it’s been ‘great’. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. As a loving citizen of this once great nation, I pledge alliance to America and I promise to do my part to make it great again by doing independent reading about her, her history, and the people that helped to create her and not to just rely on what mainstream media tells me about America. (by reading something positive about America and not only the things about what the media tells me is wrong with America- because I realize that the media will now try to blame Trump for everything that is wrong with America even though he is not yet the president) I promise to pray for America and for my president, Donald Trump. I promise not to verbally torch anyone on social media who does not agree with my point of view. I realize that Making America Great Again begins with me and I will not sit back and wait for some bloated government agency to do the work for me. I will not become ‘butt hurt’ when I hear people talk about how America is not as great as it once was because I do not live in the land of denial. I realize I can only be effective in my community if I face the reality of the situation and take partial responsibility for contributing to the state our country is in right now (more on that later). I will declare at least 3x per day, ‘I love America’. I will do my best to refrain from using the word hate. I will limit my intake of biased news media and pet small animals more often. (This last one might actually help you to meet, and get to know, your neighbors which helps to build community.) I will do what I can to get to  know my neighbors and thereby help to build and restore goodness in my community. I could go on and on but I feel it is already becoming a bit too overwhelming. You do not need to do them all, or all at once. Pick the one you think you’ll do, start there and then move on to the next, and then the next.

It’s going to be ok. Trump is not a man of empty words. He is a man of action. He is a man who gets things done. He is a man with experience. He has not officially held a political office (which I personally like) but he has had to deal with business politics which can be just as touchy as world politics.) The man knows how to make good deals. He even wrote  a book about it! A book written from personal experience. HIS personal experience.

Trump has shown us that yes, anyone can be president meaning, you do not need to be a carrier politician to be our leader. You just need to be able to lead and, Trump has proven leadership skills. Trump has shown his interest and concern for ALL Americans. America is for ALL Americans and not just for those who are over educated elitists. Trump has shown his love for America even before he ran for office. It’s time for us to show OUR love for America by supporting, Trump. Our new president.

WE WON!! 10 things Trump can teach us if we let him

I am over the moon ecstatic that Trump won the presidential election. I’ve been reading about this amazing American family for several years now and I’ve fallen in love with their down to earth (YES!) point of view, commitment to each other and their extend family and their focus on traditional American values among other things. Here are some thoughts on what I believe president Elect Trump can teach Those who need these lessons,… if they let him and stop pouting.

  1. How to be a grown up. Too many liberal college students need a ‘safe place’ to go because they are easily offended by words. When I was a kid, we had a mantra that could benefit these extra tender hearts; ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names shall never hurt me!’. Just chant that when you feel words are too sharp for you to handle and you could end up more mature and thick skinned. Yes, Trump has said some things in the past that his opponents happily dredged up during the election, however, how many of us do NOT have word skeletons in their closet? How many of us have NEVER said anything offensive? Not me. I repent daily of my words. I pray everyday to do better.
  2. It’s ok to be white.
  3. It’s ok to be rich.
  4. It’s REALLY ok to be white and rich.
  5. Trump wants as many people who want to be to BE rich no matter what their color is. He does not believe cultural poverty benefits anyone so stop trying to hold back your friends, family members or neighbors who wan tot improve their lot in life.
  6. Trump believes in helping other people get what they want…AS LONG AS THEY ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK. Welfare programs bankrupt a nation. People who are entrepreneurs contribute to their local, and in turn, our national community. Trump is about a hand up, not a hand out.
  7. How to truly protect our nation from dangerous invaders. Hint: we certainly do not give them incentives to move here- AT ALL, but more importantly, we do not incentivize illegal citizenship with greater perks than what our vets, and elderly receive to maintain the cost of living.
  8.   It’s ok for America to be a superpower unfettered by the ILLEGAL UN watch dogs. Being a part of the UN goes against our constitution and I’m praying that Trump breaks us free from this terrible organization.
  9. Money doesn’t always corrupt. For a nation with many pastors teaching about prosperity, many people still have phobias about money. Donald Trump has managed to raise well rounded, down to earth, conscientious, and responsible children. Even while being a business mogul.
  10. Trump will teach us how to dream like Americas again; to dream big and to go for those dreams. No one on the left thought he would win. Did they think making promises about social programs and taxing the rich to pay for these programs would seduce votes for their candidate? Most Americans do not want to be taken care of by big government and we certainly do not want anything from our government that will cost us our freedom. America has been flooded by immigrants coming from countries that do not think the way that we do and so how could these immigrants possibly understand what the American dream really means? Many of them come here expecting handouts and some even become violent when they do not get what they were told they could have. I don’t know who is lying to them but here is the truth about the American Dream; you can have whatever you are willing to work hard to obtain. The American Dream is not about being handed to you what the government social programs think you are worth. It is about building the life you want and in the process, building up your community as well as those around you.

Donald Trump is a grown man. He is a capitalist. He is direct and he does not mess around with coddling people who are easily offended. You must be a grown up too if you are to be able to even dare to be on the same playing field as he. I think this is what scares so many people. We’ve had too many words and not enough action from past presidents. At least, not healthy action that was good for our nation.

Trump is going to be great for America. It might hurt some folks at first. They’re going to have to grow up and be more responsible. Even babies must learn to walk even when they fall down and get hurt they are victorious because they did it! If you’ve been afraid of Trump winning the election, it’s time for you to grow up and learn how to stand on your own. Stop being spoon fed by mainstream media. Read a book written by Trump. Read a book about historical American politics that has not been written by an angry liberal who hates America. Read something written by someone who loves America.

I believe that Trump can bring unity to America but we all must be willing to think of others as more important than ourselves (if you are a Christian you should knwo this is biblical!). We must be willing to work with each other and not against each other.

Before you write a comment, think about it. Too many people wrongly think that being ‘authentic’ means being an ass. We see in the bible that whatever we feel we need to say must be said with love. We can be angry but we cannot use our anger as a justification to sin.

Healing our nation begins now. It begins with, Donald Trump. It begins with me, and it begins with you.

Donald Trump can teach America, and Americans, how to be great again IF we let him. You can either sell out to hate & fight against what has happened and contribute to the division in America, or you can buy into the mindset that America has a few adjustments that need to be made in order to get our nation back on track. The choice is yours. It is, after all, a free nation.


Handwriting is hot, hot, HOT!!!!


People are getting back into handwriting big time these days. As an adult, I find I spend more and more time these days revisiting things I blew off as a child. I definitely blew off handwriting. I found it excruciatingly tedious. As a child, I wanted to be doing anything else but my seemingly endless handwriting lessons. As an adult, I find handwriting charming, relaxing, and worth the time it takes to sit quietly and form letters. I have also purchased, from time to time, old birthday cards, postcards, Christmas cards, and letters found in antiques stores. I love the look of fountain pen on paper. It warms my heart.

I have started a penmanship class series on Youtube. Here is a LINK to my channel. Along with writing lessons, I will also feature information on letter writing, how to use a fountain pen, as well as other bits of information I think you might find interesting as a student of penmanship and handwriting. If it has been a while since you’ve worked on your handwriting, why not pick up a pen and join us? You can purchase your own set of Spencerian theory book and 5 workbooks (Each workbook is different. You’ll want all five.) from Mott Media HERE. It’s the classic set and in my opinion, the easiest to understand and use. Don’t worry about trying to catch up. The videos are posted as each lesson comes up and you can start at anytime.

Love & gratitude

Photo by, Melissa Bishop. All rights reserved.

I miss the 1990’s. I really, really do. I miss Leo Buscaglia and his, ‘love therapy’ books. I miss family friendly t.v., movies and songs. I think those were such happier times than what we must endure these days. That is why I continue to spread the message of the importance of words. LINK, LINK.

If you’ve ever read anything by, Masaru Emoto, you probably know what’s going on in the above photo. It’s a vase with the word, LOVE written across it, and it’s filled with water. It’s my new drinking glass. Seriously. For those of you not familiar with, Emoto’s work, let me give you as brief of an over view as possible.  Words matter. They matter SO much, and they are SO powerful, they can change the molecular structure of water. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, that effect; be it positive, or negative, can translate to us.  As you may already suspect; negative words produce negative effects, and positive words, create positive effects on the water molecules and in turn, on us. Like gravity, you do not need to believe in it, in order for it to work. It just does. That’s why I have a ‘glass’ with the word, LOVE written across it, to change the structure of the water at a molecular level, and then drink it.

I do not have glassware lying around with the words, love & gratitude (the two most powerful positive words Emoto discovered) written on them, so when I saw this vase at the grocery store for Valentine’s day, I could not resist. I bought two; one for me and one for hubby. He thinks it is too big to drink from, but I’m rising to the challenge.

As I mentioned previously; love and gratitude are the most powerful of the positive words spoken, and written, over the water. There is a big, ‘healthy water/living water’ craze going on right now. People are getting caught up in the pH of water. The next time you’re standing in line, waiting for your turn at the, Kagan water dealer for your chance to fill up, think about this; is it the water that is important, or what you speak over it that would be the most beneficial to your health? The premise of this kind of healthy water is not at all about pH levels but the structure of the water crystals. Healthy structures = healthy water and it’s not about pH.

Think, also about all the negativity to which you are being exposed on a daily basis. From social media, to traffic, to work, to attempting to navigate the grocery store without being exposed to the negative words of others, to even just talking about your day, or listening to someone else talk about theirs. It can be difficult to avoid all negativity and only encounter healthy words. One must be very diligent and conscientious about what they are saying in order to maintain a healthy level of positive words, while doing one’s best to avoid negativity. Whenever you call someone, ‘stupid’ (one of the worst words that can be spoken over water. The effects of it are black mold and decay.) you are putting filth on to them and in the air around you. Criticism, name calling, being judgmental and gossipy, all contribute to negativity and its devastating effects it can have on you, and your surroundings.

I don’t know about you, but I’m doing my best to cover myself, my home, and my husband with as much positivity as possible.

I’m more careful now about what I watch on t.v., and whom I follow on social media. I already know for whom I’ll vote so I do not listen to the presidential debates. I avoid watching the news. I don’t watch horror shows, or negative t.v. It all matters. We are not as impervious as we like to think. Why would you want to be impervious? I’d rather be filled with compassion than numb to the suffering of others. I don’t want to build up my tolerance to such things, but nor am I willing to expose myself unnecessarily to images and words that have the power to alter me so completely.

I’d rather have my life filled with images of love, happiness, joy, gratitude, etc. than have it filled with images of destruction, death, zombies, and the like. You are what you, ‘eat’. Not just physically, but mentally as well.

Words matter!

Words matter, words matter, words matter!!! Get it?! In a culture that bandies about the word, ‘bully’ and where people can get sued for their words (I’d say it’s the giant soda she is drinking contributing to her weight issues and not necessarily the condition she was born with) and… (whatever happened to the 1st Amendment protecting everyone?) words are still being used carelessly.

Instead of having something negative scrawled across your body, try putting positive words there, and everywhere else you want to see a change in your life.

I’ve written before about the power of words: LINK and I will continue to do so as long as I see the need to remind people; words matter!

Think about those science fair projects where the kid played heavy metal music for one bean plant, and classical music for another. The plants that were played heavy metal music were malformed and under developed. The plants that were played the classical music were bigger, stronger and healthier.

Masaru Emoto, was a Japanese author, researcher and entrepreneur, who claimed that words have an effect on the molecular structure of water. (You can find his books on Amazon.) Words such as, ‘stupid’, ‘idiot’, and the like created misshapen water crystals while words such as, ‘love’ ‘gratitude’, and ‘thank you’ created beautifully formed water crystals. The words that positively effect water the most are; ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’. Emoto also did an experiment with cooked, white rice. He placed the same amount of rice and water in three beakers. To the first beaker, he spoke, ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’,  to the second beaker, nothing at all, to the third beaker, he spoke negative words. The only beaker that did not end up getting mouldy and gross after one month, was the beaker that had been spoken to with positive words. The one that was ignored had some, what I would call ‘normal’ amounts of deterioration you might see if rice was left out for a month. the beaker that had the negative words spoken over it, however, was quite altered. It was badly decayed. It had higher levels of mould, and the mould was darker and appeared more severe. You can find Emoto’s rice experiment on Youtube.

Given all the studies done on the effect of words on people, and our environment, why are we still tossing them around like live hand grenades, not caring where they land or about the damage they will do? Words have such an enormous impact that, Jesus said, ‘it’s not what we put into our mouths that destroys us, but what comes out of our mouths’. Words, my friends, are not to be taken lightly.

Are there areas in your life where you could do better at the words you use? perhaps with your spouse, your children, or your co-workers? Maybe you’ve used the anonymity of the Internet to cast harsh, unkind, and damaging words onto those with whom you do not agree? Words are SO powerful. Perhaps we all need a mental picture in our minds to remind us to use them with caution?



Are you positively negative?

Are your words of, ‘inspiration’ like this?



Or are they more like this?



The first message is negative. Yes, it could be looked at as funny… in a self sabotaging and depreciating manner. You’re telling yourself that you are beyond the capacity of self management and basically in need of a babysitter. Are you five? NO! You’re a grown up. If you want to eat crappy food then eat it but be ready to deal with the consequences WITHOUT whining. This is called, ‘negging’.

Negging is a rhetorical strategy whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or otherwise insulting remark to another person in order to undermine his or her confidence in a way that gains approval. The term was coined and proscribed by the seduction community.

It may have started in, and become popular with, the ‘seduction community’-ew! But like many bad ideas that turn into a part of our culture, it has become socially acceptable to put one’s-self down. perhaps in a rush to show some sort of humility before someone comes along and cuts us down for standing too tall?

The truth of the matter is that; change, real change is difficult. We need all the help and support we can get. there will be plenty of haters out there ready to tear you down and dance when you fall. Don’t be your own hater. Be disciplined. Fill your life with inspiration. If anyone (only the insecure people will do this) makes fun of you for being positive, brush off their words, hang another quote on your office wall and keep going. They’ll soon be choking on your dust trail as you leave them behind wondering why you’re more successful, fit, and happier than they are.


There’s the reading, and then there’s the doing

Your library of success, motivational, and personal growth reading and viewing material is growing larger by the month. You’ve absorbed so much information that you feel as though YOU could be the next big name in motivational speaking. The only problem is… you have done nothing with the information you’ve gleaned. You haven’t stated a company. You’re not the world’s greatest sales person and you never did drop those last 10 pounds you swore you would after watching the latest trendy weight loss show. So now what? Go back over the material and read it, or watch it again. THIS time however, do it with a note pad and take notes. Is there a list of things to do? write them down, do them, and cross them off when you’re done. If you are supposed to talk to 3 people per day about your business, get out there and talk to three people about your business. Your business is not going to be successful if no one knows that you are doing a new business. When people ask them what you are up to these days… TELL THEM! if you are too embarrassed to tell them, you either need new friends, or a new business. If you decide to keep your friends, then you MUST tell everyone about your new business. Then ask them for your help. it’s up to them to decide if they are going to help you or not. It’s up to them to decide if they are going to buy something or not. Don’t take anything away from them. let them make up their own minds. In the mean time, you just keep on doing your thing. What’s the thing you’re supposed to be doing? The thing you read about in that book that’s sitting in your library.

Don’t merely be a collector of knowledge. Be a doer of the knowledge you have acquired!