A Tea Cup Full of Hope, Ch. 2

Simone's interview was short and to the point. The shift manager explained a bit of how things were run and what she would be doing, asked her a few questions then told her she'd call her in the next couple of days to let her know if she had been hired. Simone smiled and got … Continue reading A Tea Cup Full of Hope, Ch. 2

A Teacup Full of Hope Ch.1

Photo by @carlijeen on Unsplash Simone Bradford struggled through the front door of her trailer avoiding stepping on Maxine, her very-excited-to-see-you! sable and white papillion, She dropped her mail in a trail behind her as she walked through the tiny trailer to her even tinier kitchenette. She placed the grocery bags on the floor before … Continue reading A Teacup Full of Hope Ch.1