Why your paleo diet is not working

 P.S. capsicum is a pepper. Why this person did not use the word pepper?- I don’t know. Also corn is not a part of any healthy diet. Snow peas are not part of paleo. (this is not MY list.)

There are many reasons why people are not losing weight on the paleo diet. Let’s look at some and see if these are things you are doing that are sabotaging your efforts.

  1. You’re still trying to fit the USDA food pyramid model into the paleo diet by eating grains and seeds. Even if the grains you’re eating are gluten free, eating them will keep your body from responding to the paleo diet and you will not experience the weight loss you were hoping to achieve. Fat doesn’t make you fat… grains make you fat. They don’t feed cattle fat before slaughter to add pounds to them, they feed them grain.
  2. You’re eating paleo plus whatever you want. As hard as this is to believe, eating meat and Oreos is not going to help you reach your weight loss goals. Increasing your meat intake and then consuming ‘unclean’ foods is just going to frustrate you. Paleo is a diet that detoxes the body. Why? Because grains are toxic. Because pretty much any food not purchased from the outer edges of the grocery store is toxic. When you go shopping for food to cook for the paleo diet, stick to the outer edges of the supermarket. Visit only the produce, meat, and dairy section. Although eggs to not fall into the category of ‘dairy’ they are in that section because of refrigeration convenience. While you’re in the dairy section, pick up some Keri Gold butter, which brings me to the next point.
  3. You’re not losing weight, and your energy reserves are low because you’re not eating enough fat. Forty-five to fifty percent of your daily caloric intake should come from healthy fat. Since you cannot go around gnawing on sticks of butter all day, use avocados, cook with clarified butter and animal fat to help you reach that goal.
  4. Look for hidden sugars. Stop buying bottled dressings… make your own but be sure it’s still paleo. Too many people who have no clue as to what the paleo diet is or how it is supposed to work are posting ‘paleo’ recipes on social media that contain sugar in the forms of honey, maple syrup and ‘other’. THERE IS NO TRUE PALEO RECIPE THAT CONTAINS SUGAR IN ANY FORM!!!! No, there is no such thing as paleo pancakes, brownies, candy, muffins, etc. maple sugar, honey, and agave are still forms of sugar. Your liver and pancreas still have to figure out what to do with these calories and chemicals from the sugar.
  5. Stop drinking your calories; beer, spirits and wine are also a ‘no-go’ on the paleo diet. It does not matter how well you ate during the day, liquid calories impede your weight loss efforts. Learn to love the taste of water.
  6. Take the time to eat a good, paleo breakfast. Today’s breakfast was a 2-egg omelet with turkey meat and spinach. I seasoned it with S&P, and garlic. It was topped off, and served, with a small amount of horseradish mustard. Perfect.


Eating the paleo way is a dramatic change form how we have been told we should eat since the 1950’s. That’s the point. People are eating too much sugar and not enough fat. We must get back tot eh basics if we are to do more than merely survive on pills and other chemicals to get us through life. Eating healthy, forgiving those around us, and moving our bodies can dramatically improve our health.


What is, and is not, a paleo diet?

This is the ONLY honey you should eat while on the paleo plan… straight form the hive as God intended.

The paleo diet is one that emphasizes eating low-carb, high fat meals that are not derived from processed foods, or at the least, MINIMALLY processed foods. Foods excluded from the paleo diet are; ALL beans (including green beans) , ALL grains, ALL legumes (including peanutbutter because peanuts are legumes), potatoes, ALL sugar, and dairy. I had to put emphasis on no green beans and no sugar of any kind because too many recipes are being called paleo that are most definitely NOT paleo. Perhaps it is a way for the people who are trying to get noticed as paleo recipe contributors on social media? However, when I see a recipe that claims to be clean and/or paleo but has high amounts of sugar; maple, agave, molasses, honey, etc., and is a baked good, pastry, candy or pancake, I immediately place that person into the category of ‘WARNING!-doesn’t know what they’re talking about’. I am getting fed up with people who are clueless about paleo trying to pawn themselves off as an ‘expert’.  If a recipe contains sugar in any form as an ingredient, even honey, it isn’t a paleo recipe. Especially when it contains a 1/2 C of honey which equates to 40 grams of sugar in that one recipe. Even divided among 4 people, ten grams of simple sugar is much too much in a serving of anything. Since many people who have diabetes turn to the paleo diet for help, a recipe that has so much sugar in it could actually do more harm than good.

I’ve seen many ‘paleo recipes’ that contain green beans. Green beans are NOT paleo. I’ve seen recipes being touted as ‘nut-free’ and yet one of the ingredients is coconut oil, flour, and/or milk. REALLY?! If you do not know that coconuts are NUTS and put them in a recipe you’re calling nut-free, you could end up killing someone because of your ignorance. STOP IT!!! Please read a GOOD book on paleo. Do good research.

The paleo diet is a high fat, high protein, low-carb diet. AT LEAST 50-55% of your daily caloric intake must be from fat. When I see, ‘lean meat’ as part of a paleo food pyramid, I know the person who made it is still doggedly adhering to the dangerous low-fat medical and nutritional guidelines from the 1950’sthat were supposed to be what saved us all from heart disease and diabetes but has actually done more harm than good upon the health of the populace. Most people do not still have landlines in their homes because they are outdated forms of communication yet, those same people who would never think of having a technology dinosaur, are desperately clinging to old, and dangerous, health information and ideals. The ‘dinosaurs’ of nutrition, if-you-will.

The low-carb, high-fat diet even went to trial in South Africa. The doctor who prescribed it to a pregnant patient was found out through his Twitter account and then systematically ostracized and demonized by his fellow academics and peers in the medical community and even taken to court! After months in court, he was victorious over his accusers because they could not find anything wrong with the diet! Read more HERE.

When done properly, the paleo diet relieves people of illnesses that have before only been managed by medications which end up creating their own problems. This is why I get so upset when I see sloppy recipes claiming to be, ‘clean’ or ‘paleo’. One of the reasons for going paleo is to break the chains of food addictions. One of which (the biggest) is sugar. That cannot happen if you are eating recipes loaded with sugar.