Paleo tortilla recipe

I'm usually very skeptical about anything that needs to be baked being called, 'paleo'. By the time enough sweetener and odd starches have been added to make it palatable and hold together, it is a far cry from 'true' paleo food∗. I was trolling Pinterest looking for non-paleo recipes calling themselves paleo recipes when I … Continue reading Paleo tortilla recipe

Why your paleo diet is not working

There are many reasons why people are not losing weight on the paleo diet. Let's look at some and see if these are things you are doing that are sabotaging your efforts. You're still trying to fit the USDA food pyramid model into the paleo diet by eating grains and seeds. Even if the grains … Continue reading Why your paleo diet is not working

What is, and is not, a paleo diet?

The paleo diet is one that emphasizes eating low-carb, high fat meals that are not derived from processed foods, or at the least, MINIMALLY processed foods. Foods excluded from the paleo diet are; ALL beans (including green beans) , ALL grains, ALL legumes (including peanutbutter because peanuts are legumes), potatoes, ALL sugar, and dairy. I … Continue reading What is, and is not, a paleo diet?