The doppelganger

Have you ever walked into a business, or spoken to a person and you realize you just walked into your dream or the perosn you are speaking with is living your dream? It can be so hard to quell those thoughts of doubt or 'not good enough' that keep us from living our dreams. I … Continue reading The doppelganger

Here’s to the healers

Photo credit: Katherine Hanlon@tinymountain Here's to the healers who, like the myrrh bearing women of the bible, risk so much, and give so much of themselves for the benefit of others. Here's to the healers who study endlessly. Who learn the healing properties of plants. Who see the detriment of excessive use of modern pharmaceuticals … Continue reading Here’s to the healers

I am making natto

Soy beans used to make natto. Photo by, @thomaskinto from Unsplash. What is natto? Natto is fermented soy beans. It smells funky and tastes tangy. I LOVE it much to the surprise of the Japanese lady who runs the Korean market where I usually buy my natto. I am making my own, or attempting to … Continue reading I am making natto

Let’s talk about supplements & insulin glucose sensativity

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash America is such a prosperous nation that we can afford to eat for entertainment. Not because we are hungry. Not to fuel a workout or to recover from a workout but just because it is fun, or we are celebrating something, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love to … Continue reading Let’s talk about supplements & insulin glucose sensativity