Handwriting is hot, hot, HOT!!!!


People are getting back into handwriting big time these days. As an adult, I find I spend more and more time these days revisiting things I blew off as a child. I definitely blew off handwriting. I found it excruciatingly tedious. As a child, I wanted to be doing anything else but my seemingly endless handwriting lessons. As an adult, I find handwriting charming, relaxing, and worth the time it takes to sit quietly and form letters. I have also purchased, from time to time, old birthday cards, postcards, Christmas cards, and letters found in antiques stores. I love the look of fountain pen on paper. It warms my heart.

I have started a penmanship class series on Youtube. Here is a LINK to my channel. Along with writing lessons, I will also feature information on letter writing, how to use a fountain pen, as well as other bits of information I think you might find interesting as a student of penmanship and handwriting. If it has been a while since you’ve worked on your handwriting, why not pick up a pen and join us? You can purchase your own set of Spencerian theory book and 5 workbooks (Each workbook is different. You’ll want all five.) from Mott Media HERE. It’s the classic set and in my opinion, the easiest to understand and use. Don’t worry about trying to catch up. The videos are posted as each lesson comes up and you can start at anytime.