The doppelganger

Have you ever walked into a business, or spoken to a person and you realize you just walked into your dream or the perosn you are speaking with is living your dream? It can be so hard to quell those thoughts of doubt or 'not good enough' that keep us from living our dreams. I … Continue reading The doppelganger

How to use prayer, and essential oils for healing?

Together of course! Take your bottle of essential oil you wish to use and either pray over the entire bottle or place a few drops into your hand that is not dominant and place your dominant hand over the palm of your non-dominant hand. Pray into the oils what you wish for them to do … Continue reading How to use prayer, and essential oils for healing?

Should you create your own Materia Medica?

YES! What is a Materia medica? A Materia Medica is a book you put together of herbal remedy information. In the past, a Materia Medica was hand illustrated and often filled with illuminated letters (fancy calligraphy). They were often a laborious piece of work the laboring of which extended over the adult life of their … Continue reading Should you create your own Materia Medica?

Let us talk about your future

Pictured is the Young living Holiday Starter Bundle being offered RIGHT NOW! at 25% off. Normally $150.00 it is selling for $112.50. Even though I joined Young Living in august with the Thieves Cleaning Bundle, I bought this kit because it is SUCH a great deal! This sweet bundle comes with these oils: Bergamot Frankincense … Continue reading Let us talk about your future

Essential oil workout blend and getting a jump on wellness goals

I don't know about you, but I really dislike working out. I enjoy the health benefits, but over all it is not my 'go-to' for mental health and wellness. I have bad choices for that; chocolate, peanut butter, caffeine, etc. After spending the summer marinating in stress and anxiety, it is time to get back … Continue reading Essential oil workout blend and getting a jump on wellness goals

What are you willing to do to heal?

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.”― Hippocrates The other day I was on Twitter and saw a tweet someone had posted about trying to get their daughter to realize she is overweight and needs to do something about it. The parents had taken … Continue reading What are you willing to do to heal?

Young Living’s Golden Touch 1

I started a network marketing career through Young living earlier this month. I decided i would not only use the cleaning products (the main reason I signed up) but I would also select a set of essential oils to try out and track any changes I experienced while using them. I am SO glad that … Continue reading Young Living’s Golden Touch 1

Have you met, St. Hildegard?

Photo by Melissa Bishop If you have been wanting to begin your own journey toward improved health through nutrition, essential oils, and stones/crystals I highly recommend procuring a copy of this book for your health and wellness library. This book is chock-full of recipes, explanations, and lists of healing foods and spices. I have made … Continue reading Have you met, St. Hildegard?