I need your feedback… PLEASE!

What do you want to learn about health, wellness and nutrition? Most people focus on weight loss, or think about weight loss when it comes to wellness and yes, weight matters, but so do so many other things when it comes to feeling great and being mobile. I recently joined the Orthodox Christian Church in … Continue reading I need your feedback… PLEASE!

How often do you poop?

You can thank me later for not posting any photos with this article. What goes in must come out... minus water, minerals and other nutrients. On the Standard American Diet, I THOUGHT I was plagued with diarrhea. Come to find out, I was actually constipated. CONSTIPATED? But, I would be in the bathroom doubled over … Continue reading How often do you poop?

How to be a rebel in America?

Grow your own food. No... really. Many states are over reaching their boundaries and regulating how much can be grown or in some states, none at all. Here in Colorado, if you have ten or more flowering plants growing inside your home, you need to 'invite' the local fire department over to invade your personal … Continue reading How to be a rebel in America?

What IS the BEST diet?

The one you can eat. I finished up my herbalist courses today and took my final exam. I scored a 99% on the final, thank-you-very-much! The only thing that bothered me about the whole thing was their promotion of 'one diet to rule them all'. Of course, with it being centered on Christian living, the … Continue reading What IS the BEST diet?

The scale is going down!

...and since we should all be looking for changes in our bodies beyond the scale when we are working out... I can also see some definition coming to my legs. Yay! I made sure to watch my carb, calorie, and salt intake over the weekend and to get on my bike each day. Last night … Continue reading The scale is going down!

What are we encouraging?

Neither 'fit shaming' nor 'fat shaming' are acceptable. Neither woman pictured is, 'gross'. The woman on the left could be just as addicted to exercise as the woman on the right could be to food. One thing is certain, however... I am much less concerned about the woman on the left developing chronic and long … Continue reading What are we encouraging?

Ummm… NO

I have weight trained 3x per week for the last 2 weeks. This week I bought a stationery bike to help burn calories and bring down that darn scale. I weighed myself this morning and...  I HAVE GAINED WEIGHT!!! So many swear words, so little time. I know I used for-realsie weights and not invisible … Continue reading Ummm… NO

Greater Celandine

I have been taking an herbal remedies course. One of the herbs mentioned is Greater Celandine. Imagine my surprise when looking for botanical illustrations of this healing plant I came across this illustration. What an adorable illustration! Celandine is one of several medicines which gradually alter and correct a poisoned condition of the blood stream … Continue reading Greater Celandine

Something is wrong with my family tree

I was at my aunt's 70th birthday on Sunday. My sister, bil, husband and I all rode up in my sister's suv. The back of which was packed with tables, chairs, food, and drink. In between our city and Wyoming, there used to be long stretches of farm and ranch land. We knew where every … Continue reading Something is wrong with my family tree