At every Christian season, pagans and wiccans love to point out things they think are accurate about Christianity in what I think is an attempt to under mine it or ‘de-legitimize’ it some how? I’m not sure why they do this but I especially do not under stand why supposed Christians do it.

THIS popped up on FB the other day.

My response to these sorts of things is always this…

The Tony Stark eye roll.

I went to an Orthodox Christian website that has an article about Lent and fasting, the Orthodox Church always has the right answer. Here is an excerpt:

Fasting understood in this way was practiced both in the Old and New Testament and throughout the entire history of the Church. A noted Orthodox theologian Father Alexander Schmemann, speaking about fasting in the Old and New Testament, saw a great similarity and interdependence between two events in the Bible — one at the beginning of the Old Testament and the other at the beginning of the New Testament. He writes: “The first is the ‘breaking of the fast’ by Adam in Paradise. He ate of the forbidden fruit. This is how man’s original sin is revealed to us. Christ, the new Adam, — and this is the second event — begins by fasting. Adam was tempted and succumbed to temptation. The result of Adam’s failure is expulsion from Paradise and death. The fruit of Christ’s victory is the destruction of death and return to Paradise. It is clear, that in this perspective, fasting is revealed to us as something decisive and ultimate in importance. It is not mere ‘obligation’, a custom; it is connected with the very mystery of life and death, of salvation and damnation.” St. Basil the Great, confirms the above statement by saying: “Because we did not fast, we were chased out of Paradise; let us fast now, so that someday we return there. Please read the full article.

Fasting is actually pre-pagan. Even if it were not pre-pagan, if it had been done for the first time by Christ it would still be the right thing to do because… get THIS… our Lord and Savior… our MASTER did it first! That’s right, Christ taught us by example how to walk our Christian path. He spoke it, and He demonstrated it. HE said, ‘WHEN you fast’.

Guess what else, all of you who want to be turned into trees or cremated are not having a Christian burial. these are pagan things… not fasting. pagans burn their bodies as an offering to their gods. Christ once again set the example by being buried. He was not buried to make it easier for Him to overcome death and resurrect Himself. He could just as easily have returned from a pile of ashes. He set the example through His actions.

When we read scripture, we need to look beyond just what was spoken by Christ and observe His actions. How did He interact with people? What did He do when he prayed, ate, slept, walked?

When Christians say that Christians should not fast because pagans did it and yet we see Christ fasted, do they not realize they are saying that God, our Lord and Savior, our Master made a mistake? He did NOT make a mistake.

Perhaps as a child I did not see Christian attacking Christianity. Trying to whittle it down to what? You spend more time attacking your own religion than following it. What a den of vipers!

As The End draws nearer, many will be pulled away. I see it happening already. These are people with out a shepherd. People who think scripture, not Christ, will save them and the irony of it all is that they are constantly misinterpreting scripture!

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Do not fall prey to the lies!

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