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Who are my introverted followers? Can you relate? I do not get out very often these days. I spent 3.5 hours at the guild meting yesterday talking, laughing, learning, painting. I fell asleep at about 7:45 while watching, The Ten Commandments. Side note… I JUST found out that the hottie who played ‘Joshua’ was none other than John Derek… THE John Derek, Bo Derek’s husband. I know. I guess I just was not interested enough to look him up before today. Plus… smart phones make looking things up so much easier. Back to the guild meeting.

There was just a few of us at the meeting yesterday. We have such a great group of people. There was a Serbian party in the Hall before we came in to paint. We could not figure out what they were celebrating. They left behind some pastries for us, so nice! They were incredibly delicious. We started talking about recipes and how difficult it is to get some ladies to reveal their recipes. Here’s the thing, ladies… If you die with your secrets untold, your secrets die with you. “Sure wish we could bake Nonna’s delicious sugar donuts. No one made them like her.” But they can’t because you did not share your recipe with them and now, on your name’s day they have to buy crummy baked goods from the grocery store instead of honoring you by making YOUR recipe. So ladies, get started and write out at least one recipe in your hand writing so that your family has something to remember you by besides a photo and your favorite wood spoon. This works too!

So THIS happened. I was talking to one of the teenagers who is a member of the guild (and is the guild master’s granddaughter). She, as are the other children in the guild, is a fine iconographer. We all have so much to learn but there are several children in the guild who are knocking these icons out of the park!

Iconography is a life long pursuit, however, it is an art form that can, I believe, be more easily learned by younger people. I will get into that in a bit. I wanted to share this snippet of conversation.

This young woman has great potential to be a professional iconographer. We were talking about it and I said to her, “If you have a skill that you can do that keeps you out of corporate America and you can make a good living at it, DO IT!”

She said, “What’s corporate America?”. I was taken aback. My reply was, were you home schooled? She said, “Yes.”. I was so excited! Why? Because when you attend public school you are hammered, at least we were in the ’80’s, that corporate America was THE place to be as an adult. Look at the movies and t.v. shows of that era; Wall Street, Spin City, Boston Legal, Trading Places, The Secret of My Success. Movies and t.v. shows about working in corporate America. Public school is all about grooming the next generation to work in the corporate mill to keep the Ponzie scheme going. But this girl had no idea what corporate America was because she was home schooled. She was taught things and learned things. She was not groomed to be the next cog in the wheel. That is what school should be. You expose children to a variety of topics. They learn multiple topics and then they decide, based on their interests, what they wish to do as an adult. If you think this is the same as public school, it is not. In public school everything is about learning what ‘they’ wish you to know so that you can be the next minion, or CEO.

If your child has an aptitude for something let them explore that and find out how they can live their life in that ‘thing’ whatever it is that makes their heart sing. Don’t let them spend their life struggling trying to be a round peg in a square hole.

I grew up loving art but it was always put to me as a hobby and not something people did to make money… what?! My goal now is to be an iconographer. I am so fried after yesterday but it’s a ‘good fry’! lol This is my icon in progress in the photo above. It was such a learning experience yesterday (this is what guild is for) wobbly lines, wiping off bits to be redone, trying my hand at mixing pigments, etc.

That’s what it takes though. No one became a CEO overnight, no one because a professional artist overnight. Everyone puts in the effort to excel in their field so why not put the effort into something you love?

How is iconography a good art form for children? There are a couple of skills that are challenging that parents will obviously need to help the children perform and learn when they are younger. The girl I mentioned is 16 and started her iconography journey at the age of eight. As I mentioned earlier, her grandmother is the guild master but is also an artist outside of iconography. Children at a younger age can start with icon coloring books, advance to Bristol paper and water colors or acrylic paints before starting on pigments and clay boards.

Mixing pigments is a bit of a challenge but it is a skill you can quickly pick up. If your child needs help, help them. Iconography can easily be a family hobby.

I have a long way to go before my icon is finished. i am already thinking about the next icon I wish to paint. I had been struggling prior to yesterday. Some of the concepts had not been, ‘clicking’ for me. They fell into place yesterday in a big way.

I will be sharing more as we progress.

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