What is a Materia medica? A Materia Medica is a book you put together of herbal remedy information. In the past, a Materia Medica was hand illustrated and often filled with illuminated letters (fancy calligraphy). They were often a laborious piece of work the laboring of which extended over the adult life of their creators, usually monks.

Yes, you can purchase many herbal remedy books, and I have, but there is something more permanent and intimate in the creation of one’s own Materia Medica. It is YOUR book… YOUR creation. Your own words, and drawings if you wish, of your findings from your experiments. Not only all of that information but also where you found the plant if you wild-crafted it, or what store in which you were able to purchase the supplies needed.

Did you make a tincture from alcohol? What kind? How much? Did it turn out? If not what do you think happened? Did you use it? What were the results? Did it work well enough to make and use it again? If not why not? What happened? How can you avoid making the same mistake next time?

A Materia Medica is a kind of diary you can use to record your herbal journey.

Here is a video I made on one possible way to make a Materia Medica.

Should you create your own Materia Medica?