Most of us have heard the saying; life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.

I love art. I have been trying to learn it for years. It is one of those endeavors one never really finishes with, is always patiently waiting for you to come back, and usually occupies my thoughts in one form or another.

years ago I had started a Youtube channel. An art tutorial. I had to abandon it due to life getting in the way. I am revisiting it because I want to show the iconography process as well as other forms of art; nature journaling, drawing, maybe some watercolor and oil painting as well. I am leaving up the videos I already have on it. If you would like to visit the channel and support it I would love to have you along even if you are not into art.

Here is the link.

Life gets in the way of art sometimes. Who wants to start a nature journal?