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The Annunciation where the angel Gabriel tells Mary she will be the mother of God (IF she wants to!).

I was speaking with someone on Face Book. She said something that completely stopped me in my tracks. She said she was uncomfortable with Mary because she was forced to become pregnant and give birth to Jesus! Hang on while I get up from the floor.

I think that the need by some people to turn a profit at church has left Christianity woefully lacking in gatekeepers.

Mary was never forced into her pregnancy. She always had a choice and she chose ‘Yes!’. Luke 1:38 of the KJ bible.

No wonder there are so many lost souls out there. Before we can share the gospel with them we have to unravel the string of lies they have been told.

Seriously. I just-can’t-even… I bet a feminist told her that Mary would have had an abortion if she could have. Believe folks…. Abortions were a ‘thing’ even back then.

Mary was obedient to the word of God. Obedience does not mean mindless or lacking in a will of our own. Obedience is a choice. We make obedience choices everyday. What? How? When we obey our local laws. When we stand in the 15 items or less line and fewer than 15 items. When we recycle or drive the speed limit. That does not mean we are mindless sheep. In fact, we are usually better off when we ARE obedient.

When I was a protestant, there were many misunderstandings passed along as fact about Mary and Joseph, their relationship, the birth of Christ and yes, even His conception. One of the saddest realities of Christianity to face, and the toughest, is the lack of continuity. So much so within Protestantism that there of hundreds of thousands of different denominations because people cannot agree on the word of God! For Protestants I do connect it to their take on sola scripture, the bible alone. Well it’s not ‘the bible alone’ it’s the blind leading the blind much of the time.

At least in Orthodoxy we have the wisdom of the ancient fathers to help us understand such a tough book. If you are having a tough time understanding scripture I highly recommend getting your hands on commentaries by the ancient fathers to help guide you.

Online Orthodox book stores include but are not limited to:

Holy Cross Monastery in WV

Ancient Faith book store

SVOTS press and book store

Buy some books. Learn things. Dig deep and grow some roots.

I am practically in tears over how little people actually know about Christianity.