I have two appliances in my kitchen that have changed my life. One is my air-fryer, the other is my Instant Pot.

I watched a video a few weeks ago of a woman cooking ramen in a tiny Instant Pot. She was advertising a mini Instant Pot designed for use at your desk or when traveling.

I had always just added hot water from my electric tea kettle to the dry ingredients and then if they cooled off before I had a chance to eat them I would re-heat them in the microwave. Bland and boring, I could not understand why they were so revered by and entire nation. So revered in fact that Ramen noodles had been voted the most life changing invention ever for the nation of Japan (based on a 1958 survey.).

In the video I watched, this woman added cheese, eggs, and meat to the pot of noodles prior to cooking. I almost fell off my chair. Why? Why had I not thought to do the same? To me it was just a quick snack of re-hydrated noodles. To her it was a creative endeavor, one she had learned from her father. .

In this pot, I have added, Swiss cheese and ham. No eggs this time. I love eggs poached in my Instant Pot with my noodles. Hubby… not so much.

Deli sliced ham, Swiss cheese and frozen corn have been added to the pot. Photo is of the noodles prior to cooking.

Remove noodles and seasoning packet from the package of Ramen. Break up noodles a bit so that they fit into the pot but not so much so that they turn into dust (unless that is how you like your Ramen then go for it.). Open up the spice packets and add their contents to the pot along with all of the other ingredients you want to eat. Fill the pot with water, just enough to cover the noodles/ingredients or slightly more for additional broth. The more water you add the more diluted your spices will become. I prefer less broth.

This is what it looks like right after being cooked.

After filling the pot to desired water level, put the lid on and cook your noodles. I use the broth setting and usually only for a few minutes. The broth setting allows me to adjust the cooking time. If you are using cooked meat the setting is shorter, 5-7 minutes. Just enough time to re-hydrate the noodles and heat up the meat. If you are using frozen vegetables or raw meat, you might want to add on a minute or two to the cooking time but keep in mind this is pressure cooking and there is a risk of over cooking everything and ending up with mush.

Things to add to your Ramen; eggs, vegetables (fresh and frozen) meat or no meat if you are doing The Fast, cheese; either place cheese into the pot with the other ingredients prior to cooking or after cooking (I like to do both.), adding cheese prior to cooking creates a creamy broth. Adding cheese after cooking lends texture.), extra seasoning packets if you have them.

The finished meal plated up.

In just a few minutes you can have a delicious, hot meal.

Ramen cooked in an Instant Pot is my new comfort food. What odd food item have you cooked in your Instant Pot.

Ramen in an Instant Pot

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