I feel such a strong affinity toward the Myrrh Bearing Women. They knew about herbs, and essential oils. They went, in the dark, to Jesus’ tomb to properly prepare His body for burial (that is how we know the tomb was empty). These women were incredibly brave. Their beloved leader had just been brutally murdered after being betrayed. People were angry and fearful yet… they went.

How does the story of these brave women relate to us today? The knowledge these women possesed about herbs and essential oils went beyond knowing how to prepare a body for burial. These women were healers. Generations of knowledge about plants and their healing properties were passed on to them and most likely from them to the next generation of healers. These women would have treated not only their families but likely their friends and families as well. These women treated the ailments of the people in their community. Plants heal and they do so in various ways, in various forms. This pathway of healing is not new. It is ancient, it is effective, and it works well with other forms of healing now considered to be ‘alternative’.

For years now, I have been dealing with health issues. I tried allopathic medicine (Listen to pronunciation. (A-loh-PA-thik MEH-dih-sin) A system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery.), to no avail. I turned to what is commonly known as, ‘alternative medicine’ and my healthy, and quality of life greatly improved. I strongly believe that had I not done this, I would have deteriorated the the point of near death, if not actual death.

I have not been blogging much because I have been busy studying. I have completed my first, crystal healing course and am working toward other certifications. I am already a certified herbalist. I think these other courses I am taking are natural extensions of what are ancient, and proven viable, was of healing.

Our western culture has been effectively ‘convinced’ that the only way to heal is through science. Holistic therapies are intuitive, empathic, non-invasive pathways of healing. I believe, in the deepest part of me, that holistic healing is the closest thing to healing the way, Jesus healed. Jesus used, and still uses, energy to heal us. Jesus healed people when He was not supposed to, on the Sabbath, with dirt and spit, by telling people not to sin, etc.

I am studying Chinese Traditional Medicine, reflexology, color-therapy, and a few other ways of healing that i am excited to share with you… all in good time.

I plan to present videos to you on how to use these pathways of healing for yourself and your family. We’ll see how well that goe son Youtube. If need be, I will switch to Vimeo.

Presently, my healing ways are not official sanctioned by my priest or church. I do not feel the need to ‘get permission’ to do the thing God has called me to do. This means that although I am an Orthodox Christian, my work is not acknowledged or affiliated with The Church in any way at this time. things may change but as I said, I will do what the Lord has called me to do. Sadly, I have read, and listened to, more priests endorsing modern medicine than these more gentle, and natural ways of healing. It greatly saddens me to see them turning their backs on the beautiful, nautral world God created, and filled with everything we could ever need, in favor of The incredibly invasive, and chemically charged world of medicine.

Part of my Youtube channel, and this blog, will include book reviews, information on herbal remedies and essential oils, nutrition, and other ways of self-care and healing pathways. Some of you are going to be quite challenged by this information. You have been told these things are wrong for Christians to use but few of the naysayers have any real, convincing (at least not convincing to me) arguments as to why they should not be used by Christians.

Being ill is horrible enough on its own, why must Christians suffer even more be being fed into the medical system? Why is THAT of all things part of being a ‘good Christian’?

If you suffer from some sort of chronic illness, ask yourself this: “How well has the medical establishment served me?” If you feel that you have been taken care of very well by it all then obviously this information I shall be sharing is not for you. If however, you feel you could benefit from learning more about the healing power of plants, crystals, alternative nutrition choices, movement, etc.- you are very welcome to join us here, and on Youtube at; Woman of Myrrh and Light. I have renamed my channel to reflect this new change in topic. HOWEVER the information is coming. I am preparing something special that will debut with the story of The Myrrh Bearing Women. So hang in there and watch this space for more information.

John 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Something new and a bit scary