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I am a tea enthusiast. Every so often I see a tea quote attributed to the wrong person. yes, that person said what they said, but someone else said it first. I don’t know it is a generational thing as in each generation needs someone from their time-frame to be connected to a quote or if people are genuinely unaware that at this late stage in the game, there are few, if any, insights left that can be considered truly original. Here are some examples:

“Bread and water can easily be turned into toast and tea.” Has been attributed to; Alexandra Stoddard, or Janet Clarkson when in fact it is from this poem from 1903…

“While I’ve no gold,” he whispered,
      “Love’s riches shall be thine,
Though we, in a modest cottage,
      On bread and water dine.”
“With love’s warm flame to serve us,
      At slight expense,” said she,
We can make of bread and water
      Sweet feasts of toast and tea.

~The Tattler in Town Topics, reprinted in The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1903 April 20th (But I am sure someone else said it prior to this but I cannot recall who at this time.)

The next is, “A woman is like a tea bag, she never knows how strong she is until she is put into hot water.” This quote is often attributed to Nancy Reagan but Eleanor Roosevelt said it first.

Some people may think it does not matter where a quote comes from but I do. To me it is allowing another part of the past to be forgotten and too much of that happens already.

How about you? Do you have a favorite tea, tea quote, tea ritual you enjoy? It is such an easy hobby to enjoy.

Who said that?