Ok, maybe it is a bit of a ‘deer tag’ but you’re not wearing it. What am I talking about? Fit trackers. Oh I think this technology is going to bite us in the butt one of these days. I have thought about purchasing one of these things but I have yet to shell out the clams for it. Remember when your pedometer was one of those crummy pendulum devices that clipped to your waist band? It ONLY counted your steps. Now they beep at you to remind you not to sit for too long. As if we need more nagging these days.

If you do not have,or want, a ‘deer tag’, I might have a solution for you… Map Pedometer.

I went for a walk last night. A 1.27 mile walk. For someone who just a few years ago could not walk across the house without being in severe pain because of inflammation, a 1.27 mile walk with hills, people! is a huge accomplishment.

I had no idea how far the walk was at the time. It was one of those, ‘Hmmm how far can I go?’ which lead to the inevitable, Uh-oh I’m committed now. I either finish this walk or lie down right here on the side of the road to die.’ kind of moment. AND because of the increased amount of water I have been drinking, I was facing another crises on top of the, over committed, dilemma. But I did it! I walked the route and made it home without any ‘accidents’.

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These days, every victory counts.

To use the Map pedometer, you are not obligated to create an account but you can if you want to, and you will need to if you want to save your routes. I mapped last night’s walk and my usual walk through the neighborhood. I average between 1/2 to a full mile when I walk at between 6300 and 6500 feet in altitude. Not too shabby all things considered. Can the local high school cross-country team kick my butt in distance, heck in speed even? Yes, yes they can. They are 30 years younger and in much better physical condition but… perspective people, perspective.

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Pull up a map on Map Pedometer of the route you walked. I think it works best with streets (I have not tried it on trails). From your starting point, click on the map on the spots where you traveled. You can measure in miles of kilometers. I used the distance markers and saw I had walked over a mile. When I saved my route, I was given the precise distance, 1.27 miles. There is also a forum should you wish to talk to people about your journey. I just want the specs.

During the Victoria era, the working class often walked up to 6 miles per day to go to their jobs and back home. During the pioneer migration in America, they traveled 15-20 miles per day. Not all of it was walking but if you think a car ride across Kansas is boring at 75+ miles an hour, try it in an ox or horse draw wagon going about 6-8 miles and hour if they route is flat and not too badly rutted. I’m sure they alternated walking and riding but still, that’s quite a bit of physical activity. So I’m not doing as well as Laura Ingalls and her family, but I’m no longer sedentary. I think that is called a ‘happy medium’. I’ll take it… for now. As my body adapts to each new workout, workouts change. Workout goals exist. I make, them I surpass them. It’s great to see my body changing but it is also great to feel stronger, and more confident.

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Hang in there!

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