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Many herbs have beneficial uses, that’s why we take the time to learn about them, cultivate them, and use them for various ailments. What many people don’t know could kill them… and sometimes it does.

Years ago I wrote tea reviews. One company sent a delicious licorice root tea to me to review. I started doing in depth research on licorice for my article and I found out some startling things about licorice root… one of which is- it can kill you.

Licorice root can raise blood pressure and lower potassium levels in the body. This is a deadly combination as this unfortunate man found out LINK.

No matter what you eat and drink, less is better. Especially when food manufacturers use it in processed foods but are not required to say on the label how much is in the food you’re eating. ‘All natural’ and ‘spice blend’ are some of the ways in which labels omit important information. They hide behind phrases such as, ‘proprietary blend’ to avoid the added expense and hassle of adding more information on labels than required by law.

Wouldn’t it be great if food manufacturers had to tell you that, ‘natural raspberry and vanilla flavoring’ is actually something squeezed out of the anal gland of a beaver? yeah. Didn’t know that did you? Maybe some of you did.

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Unfortunately we must be our own advocates for our health and well being. That tea company I told you about? the one that sent me the sample? when I contacted them and asked why there was no warning label on their tea that it could cause health issues for the drinker their response was; ‘We expect people to be responsible for their own health and know ahead of time if what they are eating or drinking is bad for them.” I owuld expect that kind of attitude form a soa or chips company, you know one of those highly processed food manufacturers where the ‘food’ comes out in neon colors? Not a tea company. Tea has a reputaion for being good for us. It has health benefits. I guess it can be looked at a bit like other processed food, the less pure it is the less we should be consuming it?

Even if you research every ingredient listed, there are still those that are not.

Green tea is green tea. Pure and simple. Black tea with bergamot is Earl Grey. Pretty simple. Licorice candy and teas with multi-ingredients might need a bit more care when reading a label. things like soy lecithin really have no place in tea.

Be careful out there. Most manufacturers and sellers of processed food only care about the bottom line. After all, they are really in the business of making addicts an done is born every minute. If that man in the Boing Boing story I linked to had not been addicted he may still be alive today. Who will beheld accountable? There is a war on drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol and guns (it’s called the ATF (Alcohol tobacco and Firearms for a reason not candy crusaders) but where is the concern over the deaths caused by food addictions? People are supposed to be able to control themselves around food and yet obesity is killing more people every year than Covid-19 has. The general prejudice toward obese people allows their deaths from food addiction to go relatively unanswered by those responsible.

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When I started this post it was just going to be a warning about eating too much licorice. It kind of morphed a bit.

We should only eat 5 tsps of sugar per day. Most adult Americans eat about 22. If you need to lost weight, begin by cutting out sugar and carbs. We will get into this in more depth in another post.

If you’re stressed and need to binge, binge responsibly. Then… go for a walk and burn it off.

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