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Chip after chip adds size to your hips.

Mindless eating is:

Using food as comfort. There are entire cookbook and t.v. cooking shows dedicated to making ‘comfort food’.

Eating mindlessly; in front of the t.v., while working, while out with friends, at social gatherings.

Not paying attention to WHAT you are eating.

Going for fast and convenient rather than healthy options.

Taking a second helping because, ‘it tastes good’ rather than to satisfy hunger.

Eating because you are bored.

Eating past the point of feeling full. Eating until you are stuffed.

Eating just to eat. This may sound odd. You’re hungry, you eat. The end. Mindful Eating means eating beyond fulfilling a primal need and we’ll get to that.

Eating on the go in random places or while working, reading, gaming, etc.

Mindful Eating is;

Knowing where your food comes from. Cheetos do not grow on trees. Unnatural foods should always be avoided (it’s not food it’s empty calories) but also, part of mindful eating is knowing that; eggs are not dairy (seriously some people think that because eggs are sold in the dairy section they are a dairy product but they are there because it is cold), how far away did your vegetables travel before they ended up in your local grocery store?, etc.

Eating food that you cooked. I know… right?

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Listening to your body when it signals that it has had enough food and then stop eating.

You stop and JUST EAT when you are eating. You don;t do anything else but eat.

Eat at a set time and place for each meal.

Eat REAL food.

Eat locally grown food as much as you can or at least shorten the distance it travels from where it is grown to where it will be sold.

LEARN ABOUT PORTION SIZES. I will put this in my next post in detail but here is a link for those who wish to ‘read ahead’.

Eat carbs before 2:00 p.m. so that your body has time to burn them off.

A couple of things that overweight people do that fit people do not is; they eat twice. This means they will snack before a meal and then also eat the meal as if they calories from their snacks do not count. If it went into your mouth and it was not water, it counts as a calorie.

The next thing they do is they do not pay attention to their portion sizes. Learn portion sizes. It is so important.

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You’re not, ‘The Rock’. You should not be eating this much unless you plan on burning it off.

Stop treating eating as an Olympic sport. The only prize that comes with overeating is obesity, disease, and death.

Eating like it’s your job is not part of mindful eating. Eating mindfully as if THAT were your job CAN have benefits to your health.

You can do this. You can change your bad habits and get positive results. You just have to want to be healthy more than you want to treat food like a drug.

Mindful vs. mindless eating