Ummm… NO


I have weight trained 3x per week for the last 2 weeks. This week I bought a stationery bike to help burn calories and bring down that darn scale.

I weighed myself this morning and…  I HAVE GAINED WEIGHT!!! So many swear words, so little time.


I know I used for-realsie weights and not invisible weights like this kitty.


If abs are made in the kitchen why am I at the gym?


Is this thing on?!


It is a minor set back. I am constipated. I need to drink more water, take in less sodium (I ate way too much yesterday) and eat fewer carbs. There is so much to think about when losing weight and getting healthy.

Asian Marinated Steak Kabobs #paleo | Paleo Eating | Pinterest

Yum! Paleo food. I must admit to eating a bit more freely than I know is conducive to losing weight. Working out can sometimes fool us into thinking we can eat more but it does depend on what is going into our bodies as to the kind of results we will achieve.

I do not want to be ‘fat-strong’. I have a body image in mind. A goal to reach. My journey is not only about feeling better… I want to drop jaws.