WE WON!! 10 things Trump can teach us if we let him

I am over the moon ecstatic that Trump won the presidential election. I’ve been reading about this amazing American family for several years now and I’ve fallen in love with their down to earth (YES!) point of view, commitment to each other and their extend family and their focus on traditional American values among other things. Here are some thoughts on what I believe president Elect Trump can teach Those who need these lessons,… if they let him and stop pouting.

  1. How to be a grown up. Too many liberal college students need a ‘safe place’ to go because they are easily offended by words. When I was a kid, we had a mantra that could benefit these extra tender hearts; ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names shall never hurt me!’. Just chant that when you feel words are too sharp for you to handle and you could end up more mature and thick skinned. Yes, Trump has said some things in the past that his opponents happily dredged up during the election, however, how many of us do NOT have word skeletons in their closet? How many of us have NEVER said anything offensive? Not me. I repent daily of my words. I pray everyday to do better.
  2. It’s ok to be white.
  3. It’s ok to be rich.
  4. It’s REALLY ok to be white and rich.
  5. Trump wants as many people who want to be to BE rich no matter what their color is. He does not believe cultural poverty benefits anyone so stop trying to hold back your friends, family members or neighbors who wan tot improve their lot in life.
  6. Trump believes in helping other people get what they want…AS LONG AS THEY ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK. Welfare programs bankrupt a nation. People who are entrepreneurs contribute to their local, and in turn, our national community. Trump is about a hand up, not a hand out.
  7. How to truly protect our nation from dangerous invaders. Hint: we certainly do not give them incentives to move here- AT ALL, but more importantly, we do not incentivize illegal citizenship with greater perks than what our vets, and elderly receive to maintain the cost of living.
  8.   It’s ok for America to be a superpower unfettered by the ILLEGAL UN watch dogs. Being a part of the UN goes against our constitution and I’m praying that Trump breaks us free from this terrible organization.
  9. Money doesn’t always corrupt. For a nation with many pastors teaching about prosperity, many people still have phobias about money. Donald Trump has managed to raise well rounded, down to earth, conscientious, and responsible children. Even while being a business mogul.
  10. Trump will teach us how to dream like Americas again; to dream big and to go for those dreams. No one on the left thought he would win. Did they think making promises about social programs and taxing the rich to pay for these programs would seduce votes for their candidate? Most Americans do not want to be taken care of by big government and we certainly do not want anything from our government that will cost us our freedom. America has been flooded by immigrants coming from countries that do not think the way that we do and so how could these immigrants possibly understand what the American dream really means? Many of them come here expecting handouts and some even become violent when they do not get what they were told they could have. I don’t know who is lying to them but here is the truth about the American Dream; you can have whatever you are willing to work hard to obtain. The American Dream is not about being handed to you what the government social programs think you are worth. It is about building the life you want and in the process, building up your community as well as those around you.

Donald Trump is a grown man. He is a capitalist. He is direct and he does not mess around with coddling people who are easily offended. You must be a grown up too if you are to be able to even dare to be on the same playing field as he. I think this is what scares so many people. We’ve had too many words and not enough action from past presidents. At least, not healthy action that was good for our nation.

Trump is going to be great for America. It might hurt some folks at first. They’re going to have to grow up and be more responsible. Even babies must learn to walk even when they fall down and get hurt they are victorious because they did it! If you’ve been afraid of Trump winning the election, it’s time for you to grow up and learn how to stand on your own. Stop being spoon fed by mainstream media. Read a book written by Trump. Read a book about historical American politics that has not been written by an angry liberal who hates America. Read something written by someone who loves America.

I believe that Trump can bring unity to America but we all must be willing to think of others as more important than ourselves (if you are a Christian you should knwo this is biblical!). We must be willing to work with each other and not against each other.

Before you write a comment, think about it. Too many people wrongly think that being ‘authentic’ means being an ass. We see in the bible that whatever we feel we need to say must be said with love. We can be angry but we cannot use our anger as a justification to sin.

Healing our nation begins now. It begins with, Donald Trump. It begins with me, and it begins with you.

Donald Trump can teach America, and Americans, how to be great again IF we let him. You can either sell out to hate & fight against what has happened and contribute to the division in America, or you can buy into the mindset that America has a few adjustments that need to be made in order to get our nation back on track. The choice is yours. It is, after all, a free nation.