I have been taking a break from blogging. Since walking away from unpleasant family dynamics last year, fake holidays like Mother's and the upcoming, Father's Day are stressful. My emotions are all over the place and social media makes it worse. Not just the rigamarole of ads, memes, and posts all focused on the glory … Continue reading Life is what happens when we are making plans

Life is what happens when we are making plans

Current practice project Since our guild meetings are only once a month, I thought I would start a new practice project to work on while I wait. This is what wikipedia has to say about The Angel with the Golden Hair: The Angel with Golden Hair (Russian: Ангел Златые власы, Angel Zlatye Vlasy) is a tempera … Continue reading The Angel with Golden Hair

The Angel with Golden Hair

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w47IJjuEV8o Let me start by saying I really wanted to like this movie. Aside from Mary, the Mother of God, Mary Magdalene is perhaps one of the most controversial women of the bible. She has been constantly vilified and has endured character assassination throughout history. All of that is for another blog post. I watched … Continue reading Mary Magdalene movie- Netflix review

Mary Magdalene movie- Netflix review

Next week is Passion Week. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. There will be a liturgy every morning next week plus all of the services for Pascha. I have been gone from church so much that people had begun to ask my sister if I had moved! It is a delicate balance trying to attend when there … Continue reading Getting back to church and a la cart topics

Getting back to church and a la cart topics

St. Mary of Egypt. Yes, that is a lion in the background. It is digging her grave. If you have ever suffered as a Christian and have been part of a certain heretical doctrine that states 'really good' Christians should never suffer because if you live your life right the blessings of God over take … Continue reading Suffering as a Christian and Passion Week

Suffering as a Christian and Passion Week

At every Christian season, pagans and wiccans love to point out things they think are accurate about Christianity in what I think is an attempt to under mine it or 'de-legitimize' it some how? I'm not sure why they do this but I especially do not under stand why supposed Christians do it. THIS popped … Continue reading Christianity being hit by cancel culture on all sides?

Christianity being hit by cancel culture on all sides?

Archangel Michael From Fun! Who are my introverted followers? Can you relate? I do not get out very often these days. I spent 3.5 hours at the guild meting yesterday talking, laughing, learning, painting. I fell asleep at about 7:45 while watching, The Ten Commandments. Side note... I JUST found out that the hottie who … Continue reading I am hung over…

I am hung over…

I 'found' Leah Remini's IG account. I say 'found' because it was not lost... I just never before thought to look it up. I love her outspoken response to Scientology. As I was watching her reels, and listening to her talk about Scientology, I started thinking about my days as an Evangelical. There are many … Continue reading Fanning the flames of dissent

Fanning the flames of dissent