Some Tuesday motivation

Here is a video of, 'The Rock' working out. You're welcome. Much better than a photo of my paleo breakfast which was: eggs, mushrooms, asparagus with a spice assortment. so far I have consumed 32oz of water today toward my goal of 134oz. How are you doing on your fitness goals? Today is cardio day. … Continue reading Some Tuesday motivation


Are you a Killjoy?

I just watched a hilarious video on Twitter. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It has been a long time since I have laughed so hard. It felt good, as if cobwebs were being cleared away from my soul. Then I had a thought... 'I wonder how … Continue reading Are you a Killjoy?

About ‘Thieves’ Oil’

Thieves Oil has a reputation. The popular story tells us that; during the Black Plague (also known as bubonic plague)  that killed an estimated 200 million people, a mixture of spices and herbs enabled doctors to treat patients without contracting the disease. How did they discover this? A group of thieves (four) were using a … Continue reading About ‘Thieves’ Oil’

Why you need to eliminate peanuts from your diet

I see it frequently on Pinterest, odes to peanut butter by fitness people. I get it. Peanut butter tastes amazing. It has that slightly sweet and salty combo I just love. Pair it with jelly on soft white bread and I'm in food heaven. There are however, legitimate reasons for not eating peanut butter. Peanut … Continue reading Why you need to eliminate peanuts from your diet

Know-it-alls, Disney Princesses, and body image

On, Twitter the other day, James Woods and someone I will only refer to as Lil Miss Know-It-All or LMKIA, were having a discussion about wanting a fat Disney Princess. I had several thoughts about this: 1. Why are you looking to ANY Hollywood or entertainment industry for body image reenforcement? 2. There was a … Continue reading Know-it-alls, Disney Princesses, and body image

Ready to get started?

Yesterday, I posted an article about getting going on a new workout plan. Are you ready? I am asking because this new plan is not just for me. This new plan is for anyone and everyone who would like to use it as an aid to improving their health. Go drink some water. Do a … Continue reading Ready to get started?

Breaking it down, 10 tips to help you make changes, and get your fitness goals back on track… or started

Things have been a bit crazy lately. High stress levels have lead to high food consumption levels. Something needs to change, to break lose out of this funk. I was thinking the other day about how to get into a more regular workout schedule. How to be more organized and consistent in workouts. Then I … Continue reading Breaking it down, 10 tips to help you make changes, and get your fitness goals back on track… or started